There are times when we would feel nostalgic and start to dig up old photos of ourselves, friends and families. Well, there is no need for that anymore, because Facebook has introduced a new feature which will allow you to relive any of your past memories of a certain day.

Known as On This Day, the feature will let you find back status updates, photos, posts from friends and other things you’ve shared or been tagged in from the past years – for any one particular date!

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The feature is similar to Timehop, an app that “helps you celebrate the best moments of the past”, which you can sign in using various social media platforms, including Facebook.
But now, Facebook has decided to make its own function without relying on foreign apps.
On This Day feature only allows users themselves to view their past contents unless they decide to share them with their friends.

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According to CNET, the feature is currently not available for everybody as Facebook is still testing it out before they roll it out globally.
But you can try and visit facebook.com/onthisday and see if it is available for your Facebook.
(Photos taken from: newsroom.fb.com)