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Gillian Chung recently revealed that Edison Chen has already apologised to her for the sex scandal that occurred back in 2008.

As reported on Phoenix News, the actress disclosed this information to the media recently, saying that it happened during a chance encounter on a plane.

Gillian stated that she was uncomfortable to find that they were seated close to each other, and asked the stewardess to change her seat – an action that did not go unnoticed by the actor.
However, the actress later received a lengthy letter from Edison, who apologised for the incident, which was delivered to her by the cabin crew.
“I thought that a belated apology is better than no apology at all. It was a comfort to me,” she said.
Gillian was one of the victims of the sex photos that were taken by Edison Chen and leaked by the technician who repaired his computer back in 2008. Known for her wholesome image, the scandal made a big impact on Gillian.