It is important for all the ladies out there to know what kind of food is good for both their minds and bodies.

Based on an article from Rapi, there are 4 types of food that can improve a woman’s health and prevent diseases. Also, some of these food can help with the ladies in the bedroom *wink wink*.

For the guys out there, here are some tips for all of you to know, so that next time you know what to treat your girlfriends.

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Chocolate contains a substance that enables hundreds of chemical reactions in the brain that will make a woman feel all calm and soothed, which is why it is loved by almost every woman (and man) on earth. Additionally, the antioxidants and catechins in chocolate slow down a woman’s aging process. Also, chocolate can increase a woman’s sex drive, which causes her to give off a sensual impression.

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Banana is high in potassium and generally healthy for all. But a particular banana, Ambon banana or scientifically known as Musa acuminate, which can only be found in Southeast Asia, is especially good for those in for some sexy mood. There are studies indicating that this banana can increase women’s sex drives because it has substances that react with the sexual desire of women.

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Genital infections are a problem that is often experienced by women with diabetes. According to studies, women with diabetes who consume yogurt in their daily menu will find a decrease in pH and a reduction in these infections. Also, yogurt intake can prevent inflammatory bowel disease and strengthens the immune system against many diseases.

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Did you know that drinking coffee can help relieve your stress and depression? Coffee can help reduce the effects of depression by 10 percent compared to those who don’t drink coffee at all. So, it is advisable that you start your morning with a cup of warm coffee so that you will feel more relaxed and calm at the start of your day.

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