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Back on 7th March 2015, Future Music Festival Asia (FMFA) organisers, Livescape Asia admitted on failing to gain a permit for the festival to take place in Singapore and having received the official rejection of their consequent appeal.

However, yesterday evening the organisers have finally provided eager festival-goers on the verdict of the dance festival’s fate. They have confirmed that the Asian edition of the festival for this year will be cancelled entirely.

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“The organiser of Future Music Festival Asia 2015 are saddened to announce that we have had to cancel the festival which was scheduled to be held this Friday and Saturday, March 13 & 14, at the Changi Exhibition Centre in Singapore,” read the statement on their official Facebook page.

After being rejected three times including their appeal, Livescape Asia had no choice but to pull out completely from the event. The reason for their three-time rejection is due to the Singaporean government’s concern over last year’s drug overdose incident in Malaysia which killed 6 people, forcing the second day of the festival to be cancelled entirely.

Livescape Asia had before this explained that they aimed to create a drug-free event for this year’s festival which is why Singapore was chosen as the venue due to the country’s strict no-drug policies.

“We emphasise that the safety and security of our festival goers are of utmost importance and will continue to be our number one priority. Regarding concerns the authorities may have about the drug-related incidents that took place in Malaysia last year, we reiterate that these were isolated incidents that took place outside Singapore, which cannot and do not carry any implication that FMFA is linked to drug use or drug abuse,” the organiser explained.

Nevertheless, it has already been confirmed that the event will not go on and the organiser has assured ticket-holders that they will be getting the full-ticket refunds which will be available this evening onwards.

“Full ticket refunds will now be made to all FMFA ticket buyers, details of which will be made available by Monday evening. We are also aware of the many fans overseas that have made travel arrangements into Singapore for the festival. We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience you have been put through.”

FMFA organiser also took this chance to thank the artistes, event suppliers and fans for the patience and support they have given.

Now the question is, will there be a FMFA event for next year? And if yes, should the organiser look at other Asean countries after facing rejections from Malaysia and Singapore?