A supposed leaked list of actresses’ earnings recently revealed that Fan Bingbing has again made it to the top as the highest earning mainland actress of the year 2014.

As reported on On CC News, the actress, whose production “The Empress of China” is one of the biggest period drama to date, was revealed to have earned close to RMB100 million (approximately USD16.07 million) last year through films, drama, TV commercials, and sponsorships.

She was also revealed to have been paid RMB30 million (USD4.8 million) per drama.
Meanwhile, Zhou Xun, who last year made a TV comeback through “Red Sorghum”, came second in the list, while Betty Sun Li, whose drama “The Legend of Zhen Huan” is still being watched all over the globe and will be aired on US’ online platform Netflix soon, made it to the third spot.
Yang Mi and Yan Ni made the fourth and fifth place, respectively.
The list is as follows:
1. Fan Bingbing
2. Zhou Xun
3. Betty Sun Li
4. Yang Mi
5. Yan Ni
6. Cecilia Liu
7. Ruby Lin
8. Wang Luodan
9. Joe Chen
10. Michelle Chen