With new controversy surrounding Elaine Ng’s conflict with her daughter Etta, an old rumour involving ex-lover Jackie Chan has resurfaced recently, Oriental Daily News reported.

Back in the early noughties, the actress, who gave birth to Etta after her affair with the action star back in 1999, was rumoured to have been paid by the latter close to HKD30 million (approximately USD3.9 million) to move far away from him and his family.

When asked to address the more than a decade-old rumour, Elaine denied it, saying, “From then to now, I don’t like to explain myself.”
“People make mistakes. I am not perfect myself, why would I comment about others?” she added.
Elaine stressed that she took care of Etta on her own for the past 15 years and had never relied on anyone.
“I gave birth to her, who else would do it?” she retorted.
(Photo source: people.com.cn)