After being pushed to lose 30 pounds for “Ip Man 3”, martial arts actor Donnie Yen recently revealed that he hopes to persuade the film studio otherwise.

According to Mingpao News, the actor, who will reprise his role as the iconic Wing Chun master, stated that he is hesitant about losing weight, since he would have to handle a lot of action scenes.

“I can die from losing 30 pounds. I might be hospitalised with a saline drop instead of making the movie!” he said.
Donnie stressed that his weight has always been a steady 145 pounds, and that losing more weight would mean losing balance.
“If I lose another 30 pounds, I think the wind would be able to blow me away. I wouldn’t be able to walk and nobody would recognise me. Then the production wouldn’t need me.”
The actor added that he has persuaded the director to let him gain 30 more pounds instead.