There is a possibility that “Ip Man 3” may be the last martial arts film for its lead actor Donnie Yen, according to an interview on Sina’s Daily News.

However, fans need not worry, as it was more of an idea rather than a definite decision.

The actor, who attended the press conference announcing the new film at the Hong Kong FILMART on 25 March, stated, “Nowadays, the most important thing for me is not about whether I can handle it or not, but whether or not the movie possesses a good idea.”
He added, “Therefore, “Ip Man 3” might indeed be my last martial arts film.”
Donnie also stated that the idea of having “Ip Man 3” as his last martial arts film is poetic in a way, as it was the film that shot him to stardom.
Meanwhile, when asked about his recent Worst Actor title given by China’s Golden Broom Awards (which is equivalent to Hollywood’s Razzies) for his performance in “Iceman”, Donnie replied, “I have been in this industry for three decades. There will always be compliments and criticisms. Actors don’t mind constructive criticisms.”
“At least people don’t hate “Ip Man”,” he added.