ip man donnie yen
Preparing himself for the third instalment of “Ip Man” – the iconic titular role that shot him to stardom – Donnie Yen recently revealed that he is most excited about working together with boxing champion, Mike Tyson.

According to Oriental Daily News, the actor, who attended the press conference announcing the new film at the Hong Kong FILMART recently, stated that he has always been a fan of Tyson.

“I have been a fan for many years. I love studying his boxing techniques. His fighting style influences a lot of my action choreography,” said Donnie.
In addition to Tyson, Donnie said that he is also anticipating the appearance of Bruce Lee in the third movie, which the company revealed will be done with special effects. Pegasus Motion Pictures, the company that produces the “Ip Man” franchise, has already hired Robert Lee, the late Bruce Lee’s brother, as a consultant on the film.
“I want to thank the studio for making my wishes come true,” said Donnie. “I have never thought that I would be able to have a duel with Mike Tyson on screen, and to be in a movie with Bruce Lee in it. I believe bringing him back through technology is something that is unprecedented.”
The actor even went on saying that “Ip Man 3” will be the most important film in his career.