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Local telco provider, Digi has recently launched a new app called the Digi Music Freedom pass which equips Digi subscribers with a special Internet plan to stream unlimited music from some of the best music apps around without data charges!

Music lovers can now stream and listen to their favourite music from online radio services such as Deezer, Spotify, Rdio, KKBox, Soundhound, Hitz.fm, Era.fm, My.fm, BE-AT.TV and Q.us.

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Mr Christian Thrane, COO of Digi Telecommunications and Mr Praveen Rajan, Digi’s Head of Products – Internet and Services together with some of Malaysia’s local artists.

“Music is about freedom – freedom of expression, freedom of the arts, freedom to be entertained and freedom to be inspired. We took this as our inspiration when developing our offering. We want our subscribers to enjoy music with the freedom of being able to listen to it anytime and anywhere on their smartphones,” said Christian Thrane, Digi’s Chief Marketing Officer in a statement.

“Music is universal and appeals to everyone. Similarly, music services are also very personal choices and we don’t limit our offering to only one service. What’s unique about the Digi Music Freedom pass is it allows subscribers to enjoy unlimited streaming from the most popular services that they are already using and are familiar with,” he added.

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The free music streaming service will last for 90 days after subscription which starts from now until 30 June 2015. After that, Digi users will have to purchase the free Digi Music Freedom pass for RM3 per month for unlimited music streaming.

Digi Music Freedom app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

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Digi Freedom Music application, available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

For more information, visit Digi Music Freedom’s official website.