China Star Entertainment founder, Charles Heung, recently spoke up about the recent firing of Cecilia Cheung from his upcoming film, “Investiture of the Gods”.

As reported on HK Channel, Charles stated that Cecilia was unhappy that she was not given the same star treatment as the other cast members, including Jet Li, Tony Leung (Ka Fai), Louis Koo, and Huang Xiaoming.

“She was a bit erratic and kept throwing tantrums. There were hundreds of crew on set and she was upset that nobody gave her any attention,” said Charles.
Charles stated that the actress paid more attention to the fact that she was not as popular as the others, rather than the fact that she had a lot of screen time in the movie.
The producer also stated that there was an incident when the actress scolded the crew for not putting her scene first, without telling them that she had flown from Singapore to Beijing.
“Her attitude has been going from bad to worse,” he retorted, adding that Cecilia would also be distracted on set.
Asked if her rumoured relationship with Chinese movie investor Sun Donghai was the reason for the distraction, Charles replied, “Many people have rich friends, but they still have to work!”
He also expressed determination not to cast the actress ever again.
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