Charlene Choi can now take a breather, as her new film “Sara” recently made over HKD1 million at the Hong Kong box office.

As reported on HK Top Ten News, the film, starring the Twins member as a journalist with a dark past, recently premiered in Hong Kong with an opening record of HKD1.18 million (approximately USD152,066) – a commendable amount for a non-holiday opening.

Director Herman Yau, who admitted to being nervous about viewers’ acceptance, stated that he was absolutely delighted with the opening record so far, as he considers the project one of his most cherished.
As for Charlene, the actress revealed that she is ecstatic with the opening record, and will try her best to make it to the celebratory party. It was good news for the actress, who has been nominated in several film awards, including the upcoming HKFA, for her role in the movie.
“Sara” is scheduled for release in Singapore on 26 March 2015.