fat choi spirit
Though he has already gained fame and fortune as an actor and a producer, Andy Lau has yet to direct his own film. When asked what kind of film that he aspires to make, the actor, whose latest film, “Lost and Love”, will hit theatres soon, revealed that he wishes to direct a comedy.

“My dream is to direct a Hong Kong-flavoured comedy, like “Fat Choi Spirit”. Since the others have done very well with other genres, I think that we can expand Hong Kong-style comedy to Greater China,” said Andy.

However, the actor admitted that while there were attempts to do so in the past, most productions ended up taking investments from mainland studios and turned into co-productions instead. This, he believes, causes the changes in the project to accommodate mainlanders’ tastes rather than the original Hong Kong feel.
“The only comedy made for Hong Kong these days is [Sandra Ng’s] “Golden Chicken” series. As far as I know, Hong Kong films have yet to influence mainland market except for certain comedies,” he said, giving the example of movies such as “All’s Well Ends Well” and “Fat Choi Spirit”.
“Hong Kong comedy once had an influence on the market, but these films are at least over ten years old,” he said, expressing his hopes that the Hong Kong-style comedy will rise again with him as a frontrunner.