Hong Kong superstar Andy Lau recently denied that his new movie, “Lost and Love”, is just another version of Peter Sun’s “Dearest”, starring Zhao Wei.

As reported on HK Top Ten, the actor, who attended the promotional event for the aforementioned film recently, admitted that though both movies raised the subject of child kidnapping and the story of a parent looking for a lost child, Andy stated that the plot and overall feeling are different.

“Zhao Wei’s “Dearest” is more of a tearjerker, and revolves around the earlier stages of a kidnapping. This movie, on the other hand, can be seen as a sequel – what happens next,” he said.
The actor also picked Zhao Wei to win Best Actress at the upcoming Hong Kong Film Awards.
“I choose Zhao Wei, although Charlene [Choi] also made a breakthrough and deserves an encouragement. For Best Actor, I choose the other Lau; Sean Lau.”
Meanwhile, when asked about Tiffany’s statement recently, saying that he once expressed anger towards Cecilia Cheung during the filming of 2003’s “Running on Karma”, Andy replied, “I no longer remember the rumours. Both parties have already told their side of the story. Nobody should get involved and make it worse.”
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