Andy Lau has no plans to win Best Actor again despite his critically-acclaimed performance in the new film, “Lost and Love”.

As reported on Mingpao News, the actor, who attended the promotional event of the aforementioned film in Beijing recently, stated that he made the film, which tells the story of a desperate farmer Lei Zekuan who travels north and south for 14 years in search of his kidnapped son, not to win an accolade but to help others who have experienced such an ordeal.

“There is no need for me to win Best Actor back for myself. It would be just fine if my movie can help the people in need find their loved ones,” he said.
As for the movie itself, Andy reminded the audience not to be too emotional once they watched the movie.
“Feeling the warmth of the story is enough,” he said.
Meanwhile, his co-star Jing Boran stated that Andy has helped him a lot in his performance as the mechanic Zeng Shuai, who services his beat-up motorcycle for free as a support of his mission.
“I am thankful to Andy for his guidance, as well as for taking the initiative to get close to me so that we can perform together at ease,” he said.  
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