“The Fault In Our Stars” actor, Ansel Elgort just turned 21 recently and decided to celebrate his birthday at a club in New York City.

However what most of us do not know about Elgort is that he is also known as a DJ under the name Ansølo.

On his birthday night, Elgort took over the decks in a club called Pacha and DJ-ed for all the party-goers who attended his celebration.

According to MTV, Elgort said that it was the first time most of his family and friends had seen the other side of him, as DJ Ansølo.

“My dad, who is 74, went to Pacha and sat in this seat at a table right across the booth and watched the show. It was amazing.”

The humble young actor-DJ is definitely no stranger to Electronic Dance Music. In fact his tunes have also made it to the iTunes Top 10 Charts before.

“I don’t want to just sell out shows to young girls who like my movie franchise. I want to sell tickets because people respect me, he said”

Ansølo is scheduled to spin at two upcoming music festivals which are the ULTRA Music Festival held in Miami and the SOMETHING WONDERFUL Music Festival in Dallas.

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