A new pizza joint from America will be opened in Malaysia soon.
1000 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria, or in short 1000 Degrees Pizza, has chosen our humble home country Malaysia as its first international market franchise.

According to PRWeb, a company spokesman said, “We are excited to bring our spin on traditional Neapolitan Pizza, served in a fast-casual environment to the citizens of Kuala Lumpur.”
“We feel as if this city, which is experiencing tremendous growth, is ready for something new in the name of pizza,” he added.
The fast casual pizzeria has been rapidly growing for the past two quarters and is expected to have over 60 franchisees by the end of the third quarter of 2015.
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“We could not ask for a more exciting place to launch our first international unit, and are pleased to be working with an exciting group of experienced operators in Kuala Lumpur,” said the spokesman. “We are also working with franchise partners in Panama City, Panama, Quatar as well as Dubai.”
For more info on the pizza joint, visit 1000 Degrees Pizza official website and Facebook page.
(Photo source: 1000 Degrees Pizza official website and Facebook page)