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Early yesterday, a number of news sites reported that Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown will be taken off life support on Wednesday (today) so that she can die on the same date as her mother (11 Feb 2015, Whitney Houston’s third anniversary).

However, later on the same day, Brown’s family denied the false rumours saying that it is untrue.
“We support the candlelight vigil for Bobbi Kristina. The Brown family is amazed by the love and support from all that attended,” said Christopher Brown, Bobby Brown’s attorney in a statement as quoted by Billboard.

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Young Bobbi Kristina Brown with her parents
(Photo source: abcnews.com)

“However the false reports that continue to appear in print and on the internet are egregious, false and will be dealt with at an appropriate time. In particular, the false reporting of TMZ, The National Enquirer, The Atlanta Journal Constitution and the Daily Mail (UK) citing, police sources, family sources and Bobby Brown himself, will receive my attention. The desire to be ‘first’ has clouded the judgment of many reporters as they forgo accuracy. This is a criminal investigation and the integrity of that process requires silence,” Brown added.

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An old photo of Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown and their baby daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown
(Photo source: usmagazine..com)

Yesterday TMZ which is one of the news sites to report false news on Brown’s condition claimed that it was Brown’s father, Bobby Brown who made the decision to end his daughter’s life as he realised that there is no hope for his daughter to recover.

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Bobbi Kristina Brown with her father, Bobby Brown
(Photo source: thatgrapejuice.net)

Two weeks ago, Bobbi Kristina Brown, 21 was found unconscious in the bathtub of her house and was immediately rushed to the hospital. She has been in a coma since for ten days now.

“We continue to request privacy in this matter. We thank everyone that supported the vigil for Bobbi Kristina. God is hearing our prayers,” said Bobby Brown.

(Main photo source: usmagazine.com)