Wallace Huo has recently denied rumours saying that he had solicited prostitutes while filming in Hengdian.

As reported on Sina News, the previous arrests of Chinese actor Huang Haibo and director Wang Quanan last year for soliciting sex workers have shed a new light on the issue.

While prostitution is considered illegal in mainland China, an extra working at the Hengdian World Studios recently revealed to the media that more than 100 male actors have been using the services of young female actresses around the city, in exchange for more scenes in a drama or film.
The source also stated one of the actors is a famous Taiwanese actor surnamed H, known for his period dramas. It was said that H had bribed a female extra with a hefty amount of money for her silence after a short affair.
As rumours began to take flight that the actor in question is Wallace Huo, who starred in the wuxia drama “Swordsman” two years ago, the actor’s agency recently released a statement to quell all speculations.
In the statement, Wallace accused the media of defaming him and spreading malicious rumours, demanding all reports linking him to the issue to be deleted.
Wallace also demanded an apology from the media in three days, or face legal consequences.
(Photo source: sina.cn)