“The Gigolo” actor Dominic Ho recently defended film producer Wong Jing, after allegations made by TVB actress and co-star Candy Yuen that she was used by the production for publicity.

Previously, Candy expressed her distress when an unedited nude footage of her from the movie was leaked on the internet. She also revealed that the director had also added four more racy scenes despite agreeing on only two before filming.

Candy also reportedly accused producer Wong Jing of making the film to make Dominic Ho a star, and only using her as an accessory.
However, Dominic, who played the titular role in the movie, defended Wong Jing, saying, “I am a newcomer, and Wong Jing really wanted to support the newcomers.”
“I don’t know anything about any personal grudges, but we don’t have any problem with the producer. We shouldn’t worry about other things,” he said.
Candy was also absent from the movie’s celebration party held in Central on 5 February.
When asked if it has anything to do with the falling-out rumour, Dominic replied, “She is busy, so she won’t be coming. The rest of us aren’t, so we came.”
Another rumour has surfaced that the producer no longer wanted to work with her again, claiming that Candy was being unprofessional.
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