Stars from all over Taiwan recently expressed their grief in the wake of the recent TransAsia Airways crash, and sent their condolences to the families of the victims.

According to Mingpao News, celebrities including Jolin Tsai, Lin Chi-ling, David Tao, A-Mei, Kwai Lun-mei, and many more turned to their respective social media accounts to express their sadness over the tragedy.

A-Mei wrote, “Together we are praying for the safe rescue of all the passengers and personnel of flight GE-235, the speedy recovery of the injured, and also thank the hard work of the relief team.”
Taiwanese entertainer Blackie Chen expressed, “It’s heart-breaking. Together we pray for all the compatriots and families of the TransAsia Airways plane. May God be with them.”
Rainie Yang stated, “Let us work together and pray for the safe rescue of the TransAsia Airways passengers. Dear God, please help so that the rescue workers will be able to do their job successfully.”
The TransAsia Airway flight GE-235 crash made headlines yesterday when the plane, which was carrying 58 people, clipped a bridge shortly after its take-off from the Taipei Songshan Airport before diving into the Keelung River.
Death toll rises to 31, with 12 other people still missing.
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