The United Kingdom has banned one of the world’s thinnest smartphones’ TV commercial as it is deemed to be objectifying women.

According to The Verge, the new smartphone that Kazam recently introduced is called the Tornado 348, which is advertised by a woman in her undergarments.

The ad shows her putting on a pair of jeans and ironing her shirt – only to find out her phone is in her shirt pocket after she has finished ironing it. This means to portray that the phone is so slim that she did not even notice she was ironing it (does this make it iron-proof too?)!

The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) received eight complaints saying that the ad was offensive because it objectifies women.

Therefore, they had concluded and banned Kazam’s ad that seems likely to cause offense to some viewers. The ASA’s ruling said, “The advertisement focused entirely on the actor in her underwear, including scenes that featured several close-up shots that lingered over her breasts, buttocks and lips.”

“The focus on the woman bore no relevance to the advertised product.”

However, Kazam argued that there was nothing wrong with the ad as it was only illustrating a normal, everyday scenario: ironing one’s clothes before going out. Though the answer to the question why anyone would caress him or herself in such a fashion before getting dressed remains elusive.

Take a look at the ad below: