EXO’s former member Luhan may have brought trouble to Hong Kong actress Sandra Ng, as his estranged South Korean management company SM Entertainment has recently threatened to take legal action against the production company of “12 Golden Ducks” for inviting the singer as a guest in the movie without its authorisation.

As reported on Mingpao News, a Hong Kong law firm representing the entertainment giant has recently sent an order for all production companies and endorsement agencies to edit or censor Luhan from their project.

Luhan’s guest appearance in the movie was originally planned as a publicity gimmick to attract fans of the singer. Though the filming has been smooth, it was only recently that the studio is facing an issue, after SM Entertainment announced earlier this month that the singer is still under contract pending court’s decision, and therefore, his solo activities are illegal without the company’s consent.
Despite not referring to any production in particular, the fact that he acted in the Lunar New Year movie has made Sandra Ng one of SM Entertainment’s targets.
However, when asked about the lawsuit, the actress stated that they have yet to receive any letter from the lawyer, and urge everyone to “enjoy the fresh air of the early morning.”
No news whether the studio will continue airing Luhan’s scenes from the movie upon its release this coming Lunar New Year.
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