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Taking pictures using a phone or camera are way too mainstream for Teresa Lim, because during her travel to many different countries, instead of taking pictures like what any normal person would do, she sewed the images of the scenery using only needle and thread.

The 24-year-old artist creatively captured stunning and captivating canvases of the memorable places she travelled to in the form of embroidery through her project “Sew Wanderlust”.

Most of us would usually capture the moment using our phones and straightaway share it on Instagram or Facebook, but Lim told CNN the reason she suddenly decided to do it this way is because she happened to have the prop with her during her travel.

“I had my craft supplies with me so I thought, ‘why not try to sew it as a form of photograph’, and after that, I realized I really enjoyed this process so I kept doing it,” said Lim.

Check out Lim’s gorgeous embroidery of the different places around the world!

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PRAGUE – Charles Bridge

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PERTH – Serpentine Falls

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VIETNAM – Ha Long Bay
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GERMANY – Laufersweiler

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LONDON – Big Ben

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PRAGUE – Old town

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(Photos taken from Teresa’s FB page, Teeteeheehee)