Leaked photos of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 which will be launched on 1 March 2015 alongside the Galaxy S6 Edge, has been circulating the web ever since 25 February 2015 via XDA Developers’ forum.

The new model shows that the Korean giant has taken a huge step in terms of design and tactility as compared to its predecessor, Samsung Galaxy S5 which was criticised for being too similar in design with the Samsung Galaxy S4.


The biggest change with the new S6 is that the battery is not removable and there seems to be no obvious slot for a micro SD card.


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The new model seems to feature a metal frame with its front and back covered by glass. Also, the back cover of the phone is believed to be non-removable.

According to Forbes, other features of the phone include:-

  • The screen is 5-inches
  • It uses a micro sim
  • Both speaker and headphone jacks are now at the bottom edge
  • The fingerprint sensor is enlarged

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