queenie chu

Despite rejecting Eddie Pang’s previous proposal, TVB actress Queenie Chu expressed her hopes that the singer will ask her to marry him again.

According to Apple Daily News, Queenie, who attended Wong Cho Lam and Leanne Li’s wedding last weekend, stated that she originally rejected his proposal as it wasn’t romantic.

“It was strange. He kept telling me to visit my mum’s grave for the past few weeks. When we were there, he took out the ring but didn’t kneel and there were no flowers for me. I mean, there were flowers, but for my mum,” said Queenie.

The actress admitted that she didn’t want Eddie to propose in public, but was surprised that he chose the cemetery instead.

“I didn’t know how to react at the time,” she said. “But I hope that he will propose to me again.”

As to the wedding date, Queenie said that everything has yet to be finalised.

“He has to propose again before we even talk about marriage,” she said.

(Photo Source: ChinaTopix.com)