To celebrate the presence of the adorable pandas in our country, Pos Malaysia has issued a new collection of panda-themed stamps which are now available at all post offices in Malaysia.

According to Bernama, Pos Malaysia Group’s Acting Chief Executive Officer Azlan Shahrim said that the new stamps represent the strong ties and diplomatic bond between Malaysia and China.

“The collection is known as the Giant Panda International Conservation Cooperation Project and is aimed at boosting awareness on the importance of efforts to conserve, and the importance of wildlife and the preservation of biodiversity,” he said.

According to Azlan, the panda stamps are unique and different from other stamps, as it is on a mini sheet (80mm x 90mm) and specially printed using a type of fiber-like paper with security features which displays images of both pandas.

The mini sheet panda stamps cost RM8 each, while the ordinary stamps (28mm x 45mm), which also features both of the pandas, cost 70 cents each.

The mini sheet stamp.

The ordinary stamp.

Also, envelope covers were sold for 50 cents per piece, RM1.90 with an ordinary stamp and Rm8.50 with a miniature sheet. The folder costs RM6 each.

The envelope cover.

The envelope cover with ordinary stamp.

The envelope cover with mini sheet stamp.

The folder.

(Photos taken from rungitom.com)