Kingsman The Secret Service 2015 recently ran a “Kingsman: The Secret Service” contest, and at the end of it 13 lucky participants were named the not-so-secret winners!

The winners not only received movie passes for “Kingsman: The Secret Service” and were able to catch the movie a day ahead of its official release date, those who placed in the top three also walked away with cool merchandise such as USB gun, notebook, bottle opener, movie poster, ice cube tray and keychain.
“Kingsman: The Secret Service”, based on a comic book by Mark Millar, follows an agent named Harry Hart who works for Kingsman, an independent international intelligence agency operating at the highest level of discretion. He then takes on a young man, a little rough around the edges but with a promising future as a spy, under his wing into the world of espionage.

Colin Firth stars as Hart while his protégé Gary “Eggsy” Unwin is played by British actor Taron Egerton. Samuel L. Jackson plays the villain Valentine and Sofia Boutella acts as Gazelle, his assistant who has lethal blades in place of human feet.

These winners have normal feet (though they can’t be seen here anyway), so take a look below at the top three winners posing in victory:

IMG 07172BCustom
Jayagopal takes first place and wins 10 “Kingsman” movie passes and movie merchandise.

IMG 07122BCustom
First runner-up Folk Jee Choong wins “Kingsman” movie passes as well as merchandise,
“Hope the movie will be jam-packed with action”.

IMG 06952BCustom
Second runner-up Caryn Gan Fong Li also wins “Kingsman” movie passes as well as merchandise,
“Looking forward to the movie”.