The long awaited concert of the member of the popular South Korean Big Bang group, Taeyang, will finally be here in Malaysia on 7 February. It will be his first solo concert held in Malaysia, with already 75% of the concert tickets being sold out.

However, according to The Malay Mail Online, Jakim director-general Datuk Othman Mustapha has urged the organiser of the concert to strictly follow the guidelines provided by Jakim in order to avoid repeating the B1A4 Korean boy band incident.

“I believe past experience with the K-pop concert held recently will be a lesson to all parties including organisers so such incident will not be repeated,” he said.

The organiser told The Malaysian Insider that they have not received any warning or notice from any religious authorities. The Federal Territory Islamic Affairs Department (Jawi) has neither blocked nor imposed any conditions as well during the sale of the concert ticket.
Therefore, the organiser has announced that nothing will be affected for the upcoming concert this Saturday, although there will be some changes to the concert programme to avoid the K-pop star’s interaction with his fans.

“We have discussed with Taeyang and the dance crew on wearing the proper attire. There will also be no interactive sessions between fans and Taeyang, unlike previously,” said the organiser.

Even Netizens have given early notices to the K-pop star through social media, commenting that “He better not touch any fans” and “Keep his shirt on.”

Taeyang is also scheduled to perform in Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and China for this tour.

(Photo source: allkpop.com)