Previously it was reported that one of the oldest nasi kandar eateries in Malaysia, Line Clear Nasi Kandar, was cleared out by The Penang Municipal Council (MPPP) enforcement workers without prior notice.

The 24-hour stall then received a demolition notice from MPPP, which was scheduled to be carried out at 7am yesterday morning. However, when no wrecking ball came swinging at the eatery at the scheduled time, the stall operators have gone on to resume business as usual, according to The Star.

Line Clear faced the demolition threat due to a family dispute. Current owner Abdul Hamid Seeni Pakir is supposed to hand the business over to his relative Sahubarali China Mohd Hanibah, as he only has the rights to run it up until 2011. When Abdul Hamid failed to do so, it started a licensing issue debacle within the family.
The stall is also owned by Abdul Latiff Thulkarunai and Pathumah Iskandar; the four relatives supposedly agreed to take turns running it.
Abdul Hamid is said to have obtained a stay of execution against further action against MPPP, counsel Md Yusuf Idris told an online news portal that Penang High Court justice Collin Lawrence Sequerah granted the stay of execution in chambers on Friday. 
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