Though newcomer Leung Chai Yan cited bad health as the reason for her absence from the press conference announcing her first movie on 10 February, she was observed looking quite healthy and energetic as she appeared in Central the day after. 

According to Mingpao, Leung, who made headlines for her acting debut due to the fact that she is the second daughter to HKSAR Chief Executive C.Y. Leung, was all smiles, as she walked across the air-conditioned corridor of the Central building, dressed in blue jeans and a sleeveless blue top.

When asked why she was absent from the press conference, Leung simply said that she was “uncomfortable”, without elaborating more on her answer. 
As to whether her parents approved of her acting debut, the aspiring model stated that they have never discussed it at home.
She also declined to respond to questions about her salary, her role and co-stars, as well as her contract.
Meanwhile, in a separate interview, her co-star Don Li stated that he is looking forward to working with Leung, and stressed that the movie will not affect the Chief Executive in any way as it is apolitical in nature.
(Photo source: metrohk.com.hk)