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Malaysia’s 5-member rock band, Kyoto Protocol has released a pretty cool music video for their new song, “Still Alive” from their second album, “Catch These Men”.

The music video was released 4 days ago on their official YouTube page.

“Still Alive” shows five dudes who are looking for the ‘Rooftop Party’ for which they were invited to play at, but they then ended up getting lost. When the group goes about to ask for directions, they encounter an army of faceless people who try to catch them (a pun to their album).

Shot by Point Form Digital Production, the music video is directed by Lucas Lau and is produced by Amir Rashid Othman.

Kyoto Protocol is also on a nationwide tour in support of their album “Catch These Men”. They’ve been touring since 6 February 2015 and will do so up until next week, 15 February 2015 to play at selected states; Johor Bahru, Bangsar, Penang and Ipoh.

Watch the “Still Alive” official music video below.