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Daughter of Korean Air’s CEO, Heather Cho who is also the Vice President of the airline was found guilty for breaking the air aviation law and is sentenced to a year in jail.

Cho, 40 is famous for her “nut rage” incident of 5 December 2015 where she went ‘nuts’ over the way her nuts were served.

According to BBC, during the day of the incident, Cho asked the Seoul airline to return back to the gate so that she can force the chief flight attendant off the plane because her macadamia nuts were served in a bag instead of in a bowl.

The incident immediately sparked an uproar in South Korea and attracted worldwide interest as her unreasonable action has angered many people.

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“This is a case where human dignity was trampled upon,” Judge Oh Sung-woo said on Thursday when giving Cho her sentence.

Cho who had been detained since 30 December, had publicly apologised for her actions and have resigned from all her posts at Korean Air in December.

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