The long awaited KaZantip or also known as “Z” which was supposed to be held on the 18 to 28 February might be giving its fans the biggest disappointment of the year.

According to Music Weekly, the Minister of Tourism for Cambodia, Thong Khon does not approve for the event to be held in the country after observing the videos that was previously uploaded by the event promoters.

Some of the footage of the videos includes foreigners riding a motorbike naked, followed by photos of a topless model posing in a temple at Siem Reap and also three nude photos of three French men at Banteay Kdei temple.

“We do not support the naked dance, because it affects the national culture, the concert cannot be held; we do not permit it,” said Khon.

The sudden cancellation of the event will definitely affect thousands of excited partygoers from all around the world who have already booked their necessary tickets and rooms to travel all the way to Cambodia.

Deputy Director of KaZantip, Artem Kharchenko said he was unaware of the sudden decision. He remained calm and claims that all necessary permits have already been approved by the government and police. No announcement regarding the cancellation of the event was sent out to date from the organizers’ behalf.

Even websites that are promoting the event have not sent out any announcements regarding the cancellation of the event yet.

However, Preah Sihanouk, the provincial governor Chhit Sokhom said that action will be taken if the organizer of the event continues to ignore the warning.

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