Talking about her recent marriage for the first time since it made headlines last week, Kary Ng stated that the whole process took not more than five minutes.

According to Mingpao News, the singer, who attended a press conference announcing her “Diamond Jubilee” show on 4 February, stated that the marriage process was not as elaborate as she originally thought.

“We just signed some papers, and exchanged wedding rings. That’s all,” she said.
However, the singer stated that she was very touched by husband, tennis player Brian Hung’s gesture.
“He made a lot of surprises. I am most impressed that he personally designed the engagement ring,” she said.
In regard to her wedding banquet, Kary stated that they may be holding one in the summer, though they have yet to discuss the details with the whole family.
The singer also denied that they registered their marriage due to pregnancy.
“The two of us really like children, but we will go with the flow.”
(Photo source: dramanewsnetwork.com)