Finally releasing their highly-anticipated music video recently, Jolin Tsai stated that she was extremely grateful to Japanese pop diva Namie Amuro for her 100 percent dedication to the project.

According to Now News, the two divas recently collaborated on a song for Jolin’s new album, “Play”, by performing a duet entitled “I’m Not Yours” – a sort of an electro-pop independent woman anthem.

The two of them had also filmed a music video together, much to fans’ delight, by playing the role of two fox spirits who disguise as brothel madams in order to punish womanisers.
Jolin, who has always wanted to work with Namie, stated that she was very happy when the J-pop queen not only agreed for collaboration, but also to sing some part of the song in Chinese.
The highly-anticipated music video has already received more than 1.6 million YouTube hits after only three days since its release.