“Language is important,” said JJ Lin, as he addressed hundreds of students of his alma mater, St. Andrew’s Junior College, yesterday.

As reported on Xinhua News, the singer, who appeared at the China-Quotient Student Forum to discuss the theme of “Daring to Dream, Acing with Bilingualism and Biculturalism”, talked about the advantage of having a bilingual ability in capitalising the global market.

“If you can communicate properly with people, I feel it is a big advantage,” says JJ, whose fluency in English and Mandarin has helped him to expand his talent outside Singapore.
The singer stated that though most Singaporeans are bilingual, there are a lot of countries that have mostly monolingual population, and thus, having the ability to speak more languages is itself advantageous.
Aside from the Q&A, JJ also managed to give a short performance towards the end of the forum, singing his self-penned song, “Dream”.
(Photo source: pixnet.net)