Jay Chou’s record label, JVR Music has recently denied rumours saying that the singer did not invite his former mentor Jacky Wu to his wedding due to some incidents of the past.

As reported on Sohu News, rumours of discord between the former mentor and protégé re-sparked when Jacky was revealed to have not been invited to Jay’s wedding banquet, which was held at Taipei’s W Hotel on 9 February.

Many speculated that Jay was still not over the fact that Jacky exposed his past secret romance with Jolin Tsai to the media after his relationship with Patty Hou made headlines back in 2005. 
Jay was also unhappy that the Taiwanese entertainer sold his record label Alfa Music back in 2002, along Jay’s contract with the company.
However, according to JVR Music’s representative, the singer did invite Jacky to his wedding initially, but was removed from the final guest list, which was decided by the singer’s mother, Ye Hui Mei.
(Photo source: asianpopnews.com)