Taiwanese superstar Jay Chou and wife, model Hannah Quinlivan, who tied the knot in England last month, have recently held another wedding banquet in Taipei.

As reported on On CC News, on 9 February, the couple celebrated their union again in a banquet held at the W Hotel in Taipei, attended by family and friends who were not able to make it to the European wedding.

Dressed in a simpler wedding dress than that of her castle wedding, Hannah walked down the aisle arm-in-arm with her new husband, accompanied by her dog Machi while Jay’s composition, “A Journey Diary about Love”, played in the background.
Jay, known for his love of magic tricks, also performed for the guests after cutting the cake, while a short animated feature was later played for entertainment.
The wedding, which took place in an outdoor pool area on the 10th floor of the upscale hotel, were said to have been arranged by Jay’s mother, Ye Hui Mei.
Scented candles were placed at the entrance, and a red carpet was also laid across the pool to a main stage that was made to look like a carousel where the cake cutting ceremony was held, while the rest of the decorations and dinner tables were arranged around the pool area.
Among celebrities who attended the wedding are Jody Chiang, Fei Yu-ching, TV personalities Chang Fei, Chang Hsiao-yen, and Matilda Tao, as well as actor Eric Tsang.
Jay’s former mentor Jacky Wu was nowhere to be seen.  
(Photo source: hk.on.cc)