Although he previously expressed objection in assisting his son’s return to society, action superstar Jackie Chan recently revealed that he has changed his mind and will definitely be there for Jaycee Chan.

As reported on Oriental Daily News, the actor, who had a rare interview with a Hong Kong news portal recently, stated that he had since reflected on his actions in the past and the way he educates his son.

Jackie stated that he used to think that his son should make his own mistakes in order to grow – a notion that he now finds to be a mistake itself.
The actor stressed that though he has never been a good father, he aims to be a responsible one. Therefore, though he will not pick Jaycee up from prison after his release, he will try his best to help Jaycee with his showbiz comeback.
“We should have recorded an album last year, but it was halted due to the incident. But now he is out, I will finish the last few songs and put it out this year,” he said.
Jackie stated that they have already completed seven songs, and will complete five more.
The actor added that though Jaycee has no need to work, he hopes that his son will be able to make something of his own.
(Photo source: beritasatu.com)