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Jackie Chan regards his recent Datukship in Malaysia and being listed as YouGov’s fourth Most Admired Person in the World as a start of a better year, after a series of back lucks that occurred to him in 2014.

According to Oriental Daily News, the action star, who attended a charity event recently, stated, “I have done a lot over the years, and I have no regrets. I have done what I should and say what I should say and will continue to do so in the future.”

When asked if he would be picking up his son when Jaycee is released from prison on 14 February, Jackie confessed that he would not do so due to his busy schedule.
Saying that they are used to not seeing each other for a very long time, Jackie added, “This time, it’s like going to university for Jaycee. When he is released, he will face the future with a new light.”
“His mother and I will not say anything more, but we will continue to be his shield,” he added.
(Photo source: telegraph.co.uk)