jackie chan di film dragon blade
Jackie Chan has recently dismissed rumours saying that he has plans to send his recently discharged son Jaycee to the US to study directing.

As reported on Oriental Daily News, previously, rumours were flying around that the actor wanted his changed son to take care of his company, and has decided to send him to the US to further his studies.

However, Jackie, who attended a promotional event for his new film “Dragon Blade” recently, denied the rumours and explained, “He is only helping me with my album. I still have five more songs to record. There is no such thing [about travelling to the United States]”.
As to whether he had contacted his son during the Lunar New Year, Jackie revealed that Jaycee had indeed contacted him to wish him a happy New Year.
“It was just a casual chat. I would like to talk to him face to face,” he said.
The actor added that he will return to Taiwan tomorrow and spend time with the family for a short while before beginning another series of promotions in Hong Kong.
“I am looking forward to it,” he said.