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The issue of Muslims told to not celebrate Valentine’s Day has been going on for years. But recently, another online movement from Indonesia which discouraged the celebration of Valentine’s among Muslims has been recently going viral among Netizens.

The campaign was started by an Indonesian news site named Islampos, when they posted “I’m Muslim. NO #ValentinesDay” on their Facebook page with the purpose to remind and stop the younger generations of Muslims from celebrating the occasion.

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The Facebook site also explains the reason that they used the hashtag “No #ValentinesDay” instead of “#NoValentinesDay” is to ensure that the Muslim people who celebrate Valentine’s Day will be able to see these hashtags and take part in the campaign as well.

Since the day the Facebook site started the campaign, their page have been flooded with millions of entries by Muslims from all over the world showing their support by holding papers, banners or boards saying “I’m Muslim, No #Valentine’s Day”.



Naturally, this movement is highly objected by the non-Muslims and is supported by the Muslims, and while most of the Facebook commenters are Indonesians, some of them are from Malaysia too.

Here are a few of the hate posts by Facebook commenters regarding the campaign taken from Islampos FB via says.com:-





Valentine’s Day has been banned among Muslims years ago as it is a festival originated from the Christian religion and since Muslims are not allowed to celebrate Christmas, it is the same with Valentine’s.

Islamic officials believe that the day, which is also called lovers day (Hari Kekasih), invites unmarried young men and women to perform indecent actions and it is against Islamic laws as Muslim men and women are not allowed to engage with one another unless they are married.

Though some argued that this day can be celebrated among husband and wife as it is the day for you to show your love and appreciation towards your partner, some also feel that it is not necessary for you to show appreciation on this particular day as you can do it on any other day.

(Photo source: Islampos FB)