The personal phone number of rapper, Iggy Azalea was leaked after she called for a pizza delivery from Papa John’s last Sunday.

Fox News reported that after one of Papa John’s delivery guy gave out Azalea’s phone number to his brother, the “Fancy” singer have been receiving tons of phone calls and messages from fans.

Iggy Azalea ranting on Twitter after getting tons of calls and messages from unknown numbers.
(Pic Source: i.dailymail.co.uk)

Things were definitely heating up for Azalea and she was not happy with the invasion of privacy. She wanted answers but ended up in a two day ‘online war’ with Papa John’s through Twitter.

“I want answers @papajohns why is customer confidentiality a joke to your company? A lot of damage can be done if that falls into the wrong hands, we give them this information with the expectation it remains confidential,” Azalea tweeted.

The spokesperson for the company told The Hollywood Reporter that they have taken appropriate disciplinary action with the employees involved.

“We are reaching out directly to Ms. Azalea and hope to resolve this incident and make it right,” said the spokesperson.

After last Sunday’s incident, it was another disappointment for Azalea to go home without receiving any awards at the Grammys after being nominated for four categories including Best New Artist and Best Rap Album.

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