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 It’s been a long time coming for American rock band Boyce Avenue, but the three brothers finally arrived at our shore to treat their fans to some of the best performances of their lives.

On 12 February 2015, Alejandro, Fabian and Daniel Manzano held their first ever show in Malaysia at KL LIVE, Life Centre. Despite it being a weeknight, the venue was packed with anticipating fans.

The 90-minute show started around 9.30pm, after local artiste Narmi performed several of his own songs as well as covers, including performances with a special guest appearance by Malaysian YouTuber, Elizabeth Tan.

Boyce Avenue played songs from their own albums “All You’re Meant to Be” and “All We Have Left”, as well as did covers of famous songs. Famous for their acoustic melodies, the brothers, of course, alternated between rock songs with heavy electric guitar and drum sounds to acoustic numbers with acoustic guitar and other percussions.

After every set, each member would change their instrument, alternating between acoustic and electric guitars, or in Daniel’s case – from bass to tambourine to Cajon and back again.

The band performed almost nonstop throughout the whole show, stopping for a little break every now and again with Alejandro (ever the vocalist) doing most of the talking. His brothers would smile shyly whenever the lead vocalist asked for a round of applause for the guitarist and the bassist.

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Boyce Avenue performing one of their songs.

The trio received loud cheers after every performance. Not many would cheer during the performances as the fans would be immersed in the songs and wouldn’t want to ruin the mood with a sudden whoop.

However, the loudest cheer the boys did receive during a stage was when they covered One Direction’s “Story of My Life”. Yes, it’s a famous song and everyone could sing along to it. But that was not the reason.

When Fabian stepped up to the mic and started belting out the verse, the crowd went wild. It is not so often one gets to hear Fabian’s voice, live to boot. Then Daniel did his part in the verse and the crowd went even wilder, putting a wide smile on each of the brother’s face.

Alejandro dedicated one of their songs, “On My Way”, to the singles present in the crowd that night; his Valentine’s treat to their fans.

The show concluded at 11pm, though to many this feels like only the beginning instead of the ending as the band did promise to return again now that they know how great their fans are this side of the world.

As Alejandro said, this was their “amazing first time in Malaysia.”

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Alejandro impresses by singing almost non-stop throughout the show.
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Fabian sings backing vocal as well as plays guitars.
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Daniel playing the Cajon, just one of the many instruments he played during the performances.

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