There is no peaceful moment for Hong Kong’s newest diva GEM Tang, who was heckled by the audiences during her concert in Las Vegas recently.

As reported on Asian Universe, the singer, who performed at The Venetian in Las Vegas last Saturday, reportedly sparked the anger of some audience members for interacting in Mandarin throughout the show.

Reportedly, some of the concert-goers shouted, “You are from Hong Kong!” to the singer while she was on stage.
This is not the first time GEM was criticised for being more attentive to her mainland Chinese and Mandarin-speaking fans. The singer previously angered her Hong Kong fans when she decided to sing more Mandarin and cover songs at her X.X.X. Live World Tour at the Hong Kong Coliseum.  
Several other audiences also slammed GEM for singing off-key.
On 23 February, the singer turned to her Facebook and wrote, “It’s not every day that you will find a wide path on your way, but we can always continue forward. Ease every step, then no matter how difficult the journey is, we will always reach the end.”
“Never give up. In any case, I will never give up!”
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