We have seen restaurants with shortage of waiters and waitresses, and it ain’t pretty, but this company in Singapore thinks the solution is simple and is proposing to use drones to serve their customers.

According to BBC News, Infinium Robotics will be introducing drones that will be able to give restaurants owners an ‘extra hand’ to serve food to their customers.

Customers will be able to witness the first restaurants to have flying robot waiters by the end of this year in Timbre, a live music bar and restaurant chain in Singapore which will see to 40 drones deployed at five Timbre locations.

The unpiloted robots moving above customers have been programmed and will be able to navigate its path by using infra-red sensors that are placed around the restaurants. It is also designed to hold up to two kilograms of food and drinks.

40 flying robot servers will be deployed at five Timbre Outlets (Pic source: todayonline.com)

“We want to fly the drones high enough above head room. Eventually when we deploy them permanently, we’re going to set flight paths that are not above the customers, but following the natural paths that the waiters take to see to customers,” Managing Director of the bar, Edward Chia explained.

These drones will be flying high above customers until it reaches its table destination. (Pic source: kundian.net)

He said that the drones will help to get the food out a lot faster and allow human waiters to focus on their customer service without having to worry about serving the food.

Chia also mentioned that he will still be employing human waiters. “We still want to have that human touch,” he says.

However there will be some disadvantages to using these flying drones as waiters, as the customers will then have to unload the food themselves after the drones get to the table. Furthermore, these drones are not designed to clear tables and wash dishes as well.

(Photos source: todayonline.com)