Netizens are sceptical to reports about Eva Huang’s reason of withdrawal from the Academy Awards red carpet, and rumours are now flying around that the actress was never invited after all.

According to Morning Post News, the “Kungfu Hustle” star previously had to forgo her debut appearance at the Oscars red carpet alongside her “Battle of Chongqing” co-star Tom Hanks, after she fainted during her make-up session, and had to be rushed to the hospital.

The actress was also a no-show at another prestigious event two days prior to the Oscars when her million-dollar gown was reportedly stolen.
The two coincidences have sparked speculations that Eva had not been invited to the events at all, and that her management agency was only making up news for publicity.
However, when asked to comment about the incident, Eva’s team denied the allegations and responded, “If we didn’t receive an invitation, why on earth would we go to the Oscars?”
Meanwhile, good friend and CEO of Juli Television Media, Yang Zi stated, “It’s not necessary to make things up. It’s too costly [to do so].”
(Photo source: hk.on.cc/hk)