The popular free dating app, Tinder is launching a paid subscription product called Tinder Plus which has caused some complaints among several Tinder users.

Tinder Plus is currently being tested in several European countries and many loyal Tinder users have been complaining that the new update on the dating app has ruined the app.

Tinder is well-liked because it is easy to use and it feels more like a game than a dating app. The fun part of the app is that users will be provided an unlimited number of swipes where they use the swipes to show whether they like someone or not (For example; you swipe right if you like someone and left if you don’t).

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However, the new update has gravely changed the fun part of the app because then it will limit the number of swipes users have, Business Insider reports.

The new Tinder Plus works as an in-app subscription and not a separate app which adds some extra features to the current Tinder.

Tinder Plus expands the dating radius of the users with the new feature called “Passport” which allows users to connect with people in other cities. Also, the users can undo any accidental swipes and eliminate the possibility of more serendipitous encounters with the new “Undo” button.

This is how “Passport” feature looks like
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Now, users worry that once the paid subscription service officially rolls out, what’s going to happen to the free version of the app as it is unclear as to how many right swipes people will be limited to each day.

There is already a list of complaints about the update on App Store where the ratings of the app has severely dropped from 3.5 stars to 1.5 stars.

So, in conclusion the main reason that had upset Tinder fans is the swipe limit, but why did the company suddenly decide to update the dating app?

Apparently, Tinder is actually an experimental project developed by InterActiveCorp (IAC) who also owns other popular dating sites such as Match.com and OkCupid.

Since the Tinder experiment has been a huge success and well-accepted among the crowds, it is time to earn some profit?

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