Usually, the chocolates that we bought from candy stores or malls contained nuts or raisins in them, while the taste of the chocolates is delicious, sweet and delightful, it might be nice once in a while to taste try something different.

Why not try out a homemade chocolate with sweet red cherry in it? It is easy and cherry-licious!
Try out the Chocolate Cherry Balls recipe that is taken from Food.com


20-30 cherries with stems
150g of cut and melted cooking chocolate
25g of coco powder
60g of caster sugar
2 whipped eggs
100ml of evaporated milk
50g of cooking oil
60g of sweetened condensed milk
40g of wheat flour
50g of cheese cream
½ tablespoon of whipped butter
¼ teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate
¼ teaspoon of baking powder


1. Mix coco powder, caster sugar, evaporated milk, condensed milk together in a pot, on medium heat. Make sure there is no clump.
2. Let the mixture cool and add in the whipped eggs bit by bit while stirring the mixture with a hand whisk until it is smooth and even.
3. Pour the mixture into an aluminum pan and steam it in a steamer (heat the steamer beforehand for 40 minutes) on medium heat until it is cooked.
4. After that, wait until the mixture cooled off and crunch it. Add in cheese cream bit by bit and stir the mixture until it can be kneaded.
5. Take a cherry and wrap the mixture around it. Keep the wrapped cherry in a fridge for a while.


6. Take out the cherry from the fridge and dip it in an already melted cooking chocolate.
7. Let the chocolate covered cherry cool off and harden.
8. Repeat the same process (step 5 – 7) for the rest of the cherries.


(Photos taken from hungryhappenings.com)